Cheats for Thief 2: The Metal Age (PC)

Modify Starting Cash:
You can edit the dark.cfg file and add the line
"cash_bonus n" N represents the amount of cash added
to the beginning of a mission.

Skip to Next Mission:
Press [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + [END] to skip to the
next mission.

Increase Cash (Bug Exploitation)
Just before completing the mission, do a save or quicksave.
Complete the mission and save it in a different save slot.
Reload your last save or quicksave before completing the mission.
Complete the mission again. The statistics screen should now
have ADDED TOGETHER the loot from BOTH mission completions.
Apparently, the variable which stores treasure amount at the
end of the mission is not being cleared between loads.
You can keep doing this until you have all the cash you need
to buy out the store at the loadout screen for the mission
immediately following.

No Killing Rule
This involves editing the USER.cfg file, first make a copy of
the file, then add the following lines "cheats_active",
"nokillgoalcheat" this will alow you to win with out worrying
about the no killing rule in some missions.
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