Cheats for Theme Hospital (PC)

Type these on the fax screen and press the green button:
~~~~~~   ~~~~~~
7287     go onto a rat shoot level after you win the level
24328    enable the cheat mode ingame which is:
CTRL+C   all research completed
SHIFT+C  adds $10,000
F11      lose game
F12      win game

To skip to a certain level start the game from DOS with "HOSPITAL -Lx",
where x is the number of the level.

After Activating Cheat Mode type in the following keys or key-combinations:
[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [C] - All illnesses & machines of the game
[Ctrl] + [M]           - End of the month
[Ctrl] + [Y]           - End of the year
[Ctrl] + [E]           - Activate a Emergency
[Ctrl] + [S]           - A doctor with a special skill
[Shift] + [I]          - Change the illness of a patient
[Shift] + [1]          - Add a patient
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