Cheats for The Wiggles (PC)

Add the -console command line parameter to end of the "Target" field
in the "Shortcut" properties that are used to launch the game. Press
[Scroll Lock] during game play to display the console window. Enter 
one of the following case-sensitive codes.

-=Legendary weapons=-
Flaming Sword)    qnew Flammenschwert
Crystal Sword     qnew Kristallschwert
Emerald Axe       qnew Axt_unq_1
Unknown           qnew Axt_unq_2
Unknown           qnew Axt_unq_3
Dragon Splitter   qnew Axt_unq_4
Unknown           qnew Schild_unq_1
Unknown           qnew Schld_unq_2
Unknown           qnew Bar
Bar     Bar     
Brothel           Bordell       
Bowling           Bowlingbahn   
Brewery           Brauerei      
Steam Hammer      Dampfhammer   
Steam Engine      Dampfmaschine         
Disco             Disco         
Dojo              Dojo  
Lathe             Dreherei      
Farm              Farm  
Fireplace         Feuerstelle   
Gym               Fitnessstudio         
Chopping block    Hauklotz      
Blast furnace     Hochofen      
Industrial Bath   Industriebad  
Hospital          Krankenhaus   
Crystal Forge     Kristallschmiede      
Laboratory        Labor         
Unknown           Lager         
Unknown           Laufrad       
Luxury Bath       Luxusbad      
Luxury Kitchen    Luxuskueche   
Luxury Bedroom    Luxusschlafzimmer     
Medieval Bath     Mittelalterbad        
Medieval Kitchen  Mittelalterkueche     
Medieval Bedroom  Mittelalterschlafzimmer       
Reactor           Reaktor       
Sawmill           Saegewerk     
Unknown           Schleiferei   
Unknown           Schmelze      
Forge             Schmiede      
Carpenter         Schreinerei   
School            Schule        
Stonemason        Steinmetz     
Temple            Tempel        
Theater           Theater       
Joinery Unknown   Tischlerei    
Guardhouse        Wachhaus      
Armory            Waffenschmiede        
Waterwheel        Wasserrad     
Tent              Zelt  
Alien Plant       Alienpflanze  
Fenris            Fenris        
Giant Hamster     Riesenhamster         
Troll             Troll         
Wuker             Wuker         
Spider            Spinne        
Crystal Spider    Kristallspinne        
Kraken            Krake         
-=Other NPCs0-
Odin              Odin  
Elfe              Elfe  
Zwerg             Zwerg         
Knocker           Knocker       
Voodo             Voodo         
Dragon            Drache        
Baby Dragon       Drachenbaby
Gourmet Soup      Gourmetsuppe  
Grilled Hamster   Grillhamster  
Grilled Mushrooms Grillpilz     
Mushroom Bread    Pilzbrot      
Caterpillar Soup  Raupensuppe   
Hamster Shake     Hamstershake  
Iron              Eisen         
Iron Ore          Eisenerz      
Gold              Gold  
Gold Ore          Golderz       
Hamster           Hamster       
Coal              Kohle         
Caterpillar       Raupe         
Stone             Stein         
Beer              Bier  
Healing Potion    Heiltrank     
Potion of Youth   Jungbrunnentrank      
Love Potion       Liebestrank   
Mushroom Brandy   Pilzschnaps   
Invisibility      Unsichtbarkeitstrank  
Invulnerability   Unverwundbarkeitstrank
-=Troll weapons=-
Unknown           qnew Dolch_1  
Unknown           qnew Lanze_1  
Unknown           qnew Lanze_2  
Halberd           qnew Hellebarde       
Unknown           qnew Krumsaebel       
Shield            qnew Trollschild_1 bis 3      
Mace              qnew Streitkolben     
Wand              qnew Zauberstab       

-=Hidden weapons=-
AK47              qnew AK47
MP4               qnew M4
MP5               qnew MP5
Unknown           qnew Para
Unknown           qnew M3_super_90
Unknown           qnew Duals
Unknown           qnew Awp
Desert Eagle      qnew Deagle
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