Cheats for The Unfair Platformer (PC)

Level Codes:
Level 1 - pll1pe
Level 2 - XZ5891
Level 3 - KKLJH7
Level 4 - 7645UK
Level 5 - E5G9GY
Level 6 - OLKJ55

After you beat level 7, 
(the level 6 cheat gets you to the 7th level) the game ends

Secret - Level 1:
Climb up Doom Mountain.
Drop down at the end (there is an box that appears when you jump).
Jump over the first 2 boxes.
Walk under the next message box.
Don't fall through the holes. 
The 3rd and 5th boxes are traps and when you jump from the 4th 
another box appears. (jump on that one)
Jump through the 2 moving boxes. 2 boxes will appear when you
get near the end. Stand on them and wait until the moving boxes go back.
The ground right next to the hole will disapear so jump over that 
onto the boxes.
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