Cheats for The Suffering (PC)

Defeating Fire Ghosts:
To kill the Fire Ghosts, first reduce them to an ash pile. Then, shoot 
the pile of ash to finish them off. Otherwise they will come back and 
gang up on you.

Quick Revolver Reload:
Press Reload then do a dive. Your revolver will be reloaded in one second.

Easy Bad Ending Sequence:
At the last section before you fight the final Boss, enable the 'All items 
and weapons except for Gonzo Gun' code. After the confirmation message appears,
you will be covered in blood. Complete the game and you will unlock the bad 
ending without having to play the entire game with the normal requirements. 

Hallucination Mode:
When you see the monster Torque becomes, kill him. If you cannot kill him, 
try using the Gonzo Gun.

Gonzo Gun:
When you get the room in the basement where you hear your kid scream behind a 
wooden door, blow up the canisters near it. Open the red door and turn left. 
There will be a wooden box. Drag it back near the hole in the wall at the top. 
Climb it and you will see a dead guard. Later in the game there will be a 
Gonzo Gun.
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