Cheats for The Stanley Parable (PC)

Right-click on the game name in Steam, and go to "Properties". Click on 
"Set Launch Options", and type "-dev -console". While playing the game, 
press [~] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following 
codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.
sv_cheats 1       - Teleport to room for secret ending             
imabird           - Stanley floats, You can fly                    
Bark              - Narrator barks like a dog                      
Raphael           - Stanley Stanley Stanley Stanley                
facepunch         - Change textures in current map                 
Secret            - Special bonus during credits                   
Hideous           - Display Team Fortress 2 wiki                   
Vinh              - Extra secret, if entered while the credits roll

ent_fire zaxis_paperpocalypse turnon - Scattered forms appear throughout 
                                       the office
ent_fire zaxis_stormy togglesound    - Produce sounds of rainfall in the office
ent_fire zaxis_boxvillie turnon      - Cardboard boxes appear in the office 
ent_create_portal_companion_cube     - Spawn a companion cube
Bind 2 "fire_rocket_projectile"      - Pressing 2 fires a giant 
                                       but mostly useless error missile
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