Cheats for The Sims Medieval (PC)

Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] to bring up the command prompt anytime 
during gameplay or furnish mode with few exceptions.
motherlode       - Add $50,000.
RerollQuests     - Randomize Available Quests.
setmood 200      - Full Mood.
kaching          - 1,000 Simoles.
setQP [number]   - Set quest points.
setKP [number]   - Set resources.

Change the color of lights:
During furnish mode press "Ctrl+Shift" and scroll over a light. 
The mouse icon should change to an asterisk-like icon. Click on 
the light to bring up detailed light options "Turn off light", 
"Set Intensity", "Change color".

Partial Floor Pattern:
During Furnish mode select the desired floor pattern from the
available floor patterns Press and hold "Shift" while hovering
over the active floor Left-click the mouse to place the partial
floor pattern This allows the user to place floor patterns in 
partial sections rather than whole grid squares.
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