Cheats for The Sims: Life Stories (PC)

Start the game, press [Ctrl]-[Shift]-[C] to bring up the console and 
enter one of the following codes:

gameVersion              - Outputs the version of the Game
addNeighborToFamilyCheat - Add neighbor cheat
AgeSimsCheat             - AgeSimsCheat
aging                    - Turns aging on or off
aspirationLevel #        - Sets aspiration level of the selected sim
aspirationPoints #       - Give selected sim some aspiration reward points
autoPatch [-on|-off]     - checking for available patches via content browser
deleteAllCharacters      - delete all characters in the current neighborhood
exit                     - Close/Hide the cheat console window
hide                     - Close/Hide the cheat console window
forcetwins               - Force the selected pregnant sim to have twins
help                     - Logs this help output
kaChing                  - Increase family funds by $1,000
motherLode               - Increase family funds by $50,000
moveObjects              - Allows to move objects that are normally unmoveable
PlumbBobToggle           - Toggle the showing of plumbBob.
setHour #                - Sets the hour of the day.

familyFunds [familyName][value]       - Set the amount of funds
familyFunds [familyName] [+/-][value] - Add/subtract from current funds

[Ctrl]-[Shift]-[S]       - Display Game Stats (such as the FPS rate)
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