Cheats for The Sims: Castaway Stories (PC)

These Cheat Codes will only work in Story Mode aka "Shipwrecked and Single", 
if the Story has been completed naturally (meaning not with an unlocker). 
They always work in Freeplay Mode aka "Wanmami Island". 

The Cheat Console window will not even open when Story Mode is running. 

Start the game, open the game cheat console, hit [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C] 
A console window should open with a cursor. Enter your codes:

aging [on|off] - Turns aging on or off for all Sims 
kaChing        - Increase family resources by 1,000 
motherLode     - Increase family resources by 50,000 

boolProp petActionCancel [true|false] - makes pet actions cancellable 
                                        default = false (0) 

boolprop controlPets [true|false]     - makes pets controllable, just like 
                                        normal sims. default = false (0)
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