Cheats for The Precursors (PC)

Also known as: Precursors
To enable the console go to /Precursors/INI/ folder
Open the ENGINESETTINGS.INI with Notepad 
change Enabled=0 to Enabled=1 and save it.

Type one of the following cheatcodes at the console:
addsid (ID#)       - Add item (ID#) to inventory.
addammo (##)       - Add more ammo 
addarmor (##)      - Add more armor
addhealth (##)     - Add more health
add_hyperfuel (##) - Adds fuel for the ship.
allweapons         - All the weapons in your inventory.
allmoney (##)      - Add more money.
clockspeed (##)    - Sets the "run" time in the game. 
                    Pick a value from 0.1 to 100.
drawhud            - Removes the user interface.
god                - God mode.
printpointedchar   - Information about the object. That's on it and 
                    you will be able
                    to use such a command addsid (see above).
rpgrules           - Allows you to use any of the closed technique in the game.
set clip ?         - Set ? to 1 or 0 to fly (or stop flying) on the map.
siderel (A#) (B#)  - Sets the reputation of a faction (A#) to an amount (B#).
                    For example "siderel 1 100" will give 100 points to the 
                    reputation of the Empire. There are 7 factions in total.
supergod           - Invisibility, the enemy wont shoot at you.

* For (##) you can enter numbers ranging from 1 to 99.
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