Cheats for The Moon Project (PC)

Type these codes during the game:

Code                Result
Cheater 1           Activate Cheat Mode
MyBrainIsFaster 1   Fast Research
Limit_Up #          Increase Units Limit to #
MoneyForNothing #   Increase Money to #
ByeBye              Lose Scenario
Shower              Lightning Rain
beautifulmoon 1     Show Map
hotground           Place Mines
GoHome!             Destroys Your Selected Building
Smash               Destroys Selected Enemy Building
JudgementDay        Destroys All Enemies in View
ScienceForNothing   Free Research
HereYouAre!         Shows All Enemies in View
Hide                Replaces Fog of War in View
Moonlight           Removes Fog of War in View
NobelPrize          Research Everything
Tromaville          Damages All Visible Enemies
NewOne              Unknown Effect
IDKFA               Unknown Effect
UltraScience        Unknown Effect
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