Cheats for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle 4 Middle-Earth 2 (PC)

Also known as: Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth 2
Glitch: Hero power transfer:
Use the following trick to give a hero any power(s) desired, but it requires some time 
and a lot of patience. First, make a hero with no powers then a second hero with the 
power desired (for example, an elf hero with Healing). Then, stack them together on the 
playfield. Click on the hero with the single power. Go to the "Powers" menu. When you
click "Customize", immediately press the quick switch key to your hero with no powers. 
When you enter the powers menu, the "hero" using the powers from the power menu will be 
the hero with no powers. Next, click on the blank unit portrait (the picture of power
will not be there) where the desired power is located and re-select it. You can now 
make other heroes with the desired powers you want and put them on your new glitched
Note: You cannot "pull" multiple powers from the valid hero unit; you will still need
to add them one by one to the glitched unit. 

Glitch: Invincible Troll:
Kill a Troll while it is still coming out of the Troll Cage. It will be invincible. 
It will freeze where it is, and you will still be able to shoot at it. You can still 
gain power points from shooting it. Eventually, it will unfreeze and attack any enemies. 

Glitch: Unlimited health for elves:
Create an elf hero with self-heal. You can get no recharge time on it. When you want to 
click on it, do so but immediately move to another location. It will not recharge. You
can do this as many times as desired.

Glitch: Dol Guldur: Reveal entire map permanently: 
First, you must have played the map in Skirmish mode to get the feel of it. Play it at 
least three times and memorize the locations. When you start the level in the Good 
campaign, you must have the Tom Bombadil power and Elrond's Farsight power. Use Elrond's
power and eyeball the Dark Shroud to find the middle section of Dol Guldur (the part 
with the fortress in it). Note: You can see the texture of the terrain as you move the 
the Farsight power's pointer. Once you have successfully revealed the fortress area, 
summon Tom Bombadil just in front of the fortress. Once he is in, the shroud should 
disappear permanently with no fog of war. You can see exactly what the enemy is doing
at the moment. You can use Bombard, Flood, Earthquake, or Sunlight, to attack enemy 
units and buildings, and when they are weakened, launch the assault with your army.

Easy experience:
Use the following trick to level your race up in Skirmish mode quickly. Create a hero
that can learn the Recruit Battlions power. Set up a game against an easy AI with a 
handicap of -95%. As soon as the game starts, create your hero and rush into the 
enemy's. Use the power to summon a battalion and the skirmish will be over in two

Easy win against brutal army:
On skirmis misions, select to fight a brutal army and then put a handicap os -95%.
This will make them take longer to destroy structures and make them weaker. 
(This will also affect enemy structures)
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