Cheats for The Incredibles (PC)

Start game as usual, during gameplay go to the Secret codes 
menu and use the following codes: 

Unlock         - Unlock All Missions (MasterCheat) 
GazerBeam      - Shoot Beams For A While 
SmartBomb      - Kill Enemies And Every Item Near You 
SassMode       - Game Becomes Faster 
UUDDLRLRBAS    - Refill 25% Health 
Showtime       - Get Incredipower for a while 
DanielTheFlash - Get Incredipower for superspeed 
                  - press right mouse button while running 
McTravis       - Get Incredipower - press right mouse button 
                   for fast running and ramming everything 
Kronos         - Get Windtrails And Superpunch 
AthletesFoot   - Enable Fire Trail 
BWTheMovie     - Toggle Player Slowmotion 
InvertCameraX  - X Cam Controls Change (Mouse) 
InvertCameraY  - Y Cam Controls Change (Mouse) 
Einsteinium    - Large Head 
DeEvolve       - Small Head 
bHUD           - Toggle Hud 
BoaPlace       - Nothing 
RotAIDalg      - Nothing 
Hi             - Show Intro 
YourNameInLights - Show Credits 
TheDudeAbides    - ?????? 
SpringBreak      - ?????? 
PinkSlip         - ?????? 
Labombe          - ?????? 
InvertTurret     - ?????? 
EMode            - ?????? 
DiscoRules       - ?????? 
Dandruff         - ?????? 
TonyLoaf         - ?????? 
Flexible         - ?????? 
DashLikes        - ?????? 

Notice that some codes only work on certain levels/missions. 

To enable MasterCheats you must first add "AllowMasterCheats = 1" 
(without the quotes) on a separate line to your .\Game\in.ini file 
then restart game. The way to know that AllowMasterCheats has been 
correctly activated is by looking for debug info during gameplay, 
namely game build version aswell as a FPS counter will show on screen.
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