Cheats for The Hulk (PC)

Enter the following codes while playing. 
Find a "Game Terminal" to enter them: 

SANFRAN - Unlock "Hulk Transformed" Movie Art 
PITBULL - Unlock "Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs" Movie Art 
FIFTEEN - Unlock "Desert Battle" Movie Art 
NANOMED - Unlock "Hulk Movie F/X" 
JANITOR - Unlock Gray Hulk 

Enter the following codes in Options/Code input. 
You can then activate them in Options/Special Features/Cheats. 

GMMSKIN - Invulnerability 
FLSHWND - Regenerator 
ANGMNGT - Full Rage Meter 
GRNCHTR - Unlimited Continues 
HLTHDSE - Double HP 
BRNGITN - Double HP for Enemies 
MMMYHLP - Half HP for Enemies 
FSTOFRY - Wicked Punch 
BRCESTN - Puzzle Solved 
NMBTHIH - Reset High Score 
TRUBLVR - Unlock All Levels 

Launch Parameters:
Create a file called "args.txt" in your install directory. 
In this text file, put any of the following parameters for 
the desired effect: 

-supersoak   - Unlock Everything 
-fesoak      - Unlock Special Features 
-soak        - Begin Directly on First Level

Unknown parameters:
0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z РУС