Cheats for The History Channel: The Civil War (PC)

General strategies:
When you see an ally fighting hand-to-hand with the enemy, help him. 
Sometimes they will get killed and you could end up alone.

When you finish securing an area, reload your weapon. By doing this you 
will have a fully loaded weapon in case you are spotted by an enemy.

Ammunition can be difficult to find. It may be a wise decision to assault 
an enemy with a bayonet or saber rather than shooting them from afar. 
This tactic can help you avoid tough situations down the road.

One of the most important concepts in warfare, the high ground offers 
you a better vantage point and firing position.

When you are in a stealth mission, stay out of areas with lights and 
the enemy cannot see you. Note: If you fire a shot they will be 
able to spot you.

Never lose a battle:
When playing a battle and you are on your last unit, make it move as 
far as it will go for your first turn and click fast anywhere for your 
second turn. While they are moving, your first unit moved will get a #1 
mark in its area. Click it, and it will move again. Repeat clicking to 
move to an enemy unit and kill it. Note: If your first unit dies, 
you cannot use this trick in that battle.
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