Cheats for The Elder Scrolls 3: Tribunal (PC)

Also known as: Elder Scrolls 3: Tribunal
Ingame just press '~' to bring console, write 'player-><command>'
and press 'Enter'. <command> is one of the listed below. There is
a lot of commands and the selected are most interesting.
Example of usage: player->togglegodmode
will give you God mode

togglegodmode             - God mode
setwaterwalking 1         - walk on water
setwaterbreathing 1       - breath in water
setflying 1               - fly mode
setsuperjump 1            - super jump mode
setlevel <number>         - set character level
additem gold_100 <number> - receive the indicated amount of gold 
sethealth <number>        - set health level of the character 
fillmap                   - show all cities on map
toggleai                  - turn off AI
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