Cheats for The Division (PC)

Also known as: Tom Clancy's: The Division
Infinite crafting resources:
While playing the game, go to "Matchmaking" and select "Free Roam" in 
Automatch. Once you join another player's game, go around collecting 
resources (tools, electronic parts, weapon parts) outside the Base of 
Operations at Pennsylvania Plaza. Two boxes with tools can be found 
right down the street by the two semi trucks, next to the parked cars 
on the lifts. There are also electronic parts, weapon parts, and fabric
nearby. Once you have collected the desired resources, go to "Group 
Management" and select "Leave Group". Normally, resources respawn every 
two hours, but they immediately respawn when joining another player's 
game, unless another player has recently collected the resources. If 
this happens, join a different player's game. This process takes 
approximately six minutes each time, depending on how many areas you 
visit to collect resources. Repeat this process as many times as 
desired to get unlimited resources. You can also craft items and sell 
them with the resources to get unlimited money. Note: This glitch was 
performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Easy money:
During any mission, complete at least one objective and grab the supplies
and weapons the enemies drop. Then, sell the items and restart the mission.
Repeat this as many times as desired.

Displaying all collectibles on map:
To display all the collectibles on the map, purchase the "Canine Unit" 
in the Security Wing for 200 supplies. Then, complete all side missions
and encounters in a specific zone to reveal all remaining intel on the 
map in that zone.

Early XP Boost:
When you reach Manhattan and establish a Base of Operations at the NYPO, 
you have the opportunity to complete the first Security before you move 
onto other missions. Make sure that you do so. Upon rescuing Sgt. Benitez,
you'll have the option to upgrade your base's Security wing, which unlocks
the Experienced Agent perk. It will award you a 10% XP boost, meaning each
task you complete thereafter can yield a more substantial reward than it 
otherwise would.
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