Cheats for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (PC)

Display the Seed entry prompt at the "Character Select" menu by pressing [Tab]. 
Then, enter one of the following seed codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
function. You can remove any codes by pressing [Q] + [E] + [Tab] 
(or LB + RB + X on an Xbox controller). 

Note: Entering a seed code will prevent achievements from being earned. 
      Additionally, some codes may delete your saved game file.
Seed Code    Result                                              
1337 HAXR  - Easier game                                         
BRWN SNKE  - Character leaves fecal trail                        
FART SNDS  - Sound effects replaced with farts                   
FEAR M1NT  - All enemies have permanently feared                 
KEEP AWAY  - All items except troll bombs mimic Issac's movement 
CAM0 K1DD  - Character only visible as brown shadow              
CAM0 F0ES  - Enemies only visible as brown shadows               
BL1N DEYE  - Invisible enemies                                   
CHAM P10N  - Eligible enemies become champions                   
C0NF ETT1  - Concussive enemies that move randomly               
DRAW KCAB  - Reversed controls                                   
FACE D0WN  - Tarot cards are face down when collected            
FRAI DN0T  - Enemies become feared randomly                      
HART BEAT  - The lower your health, the slower the music         
NFB8 3WSG  - Can destroy rocks                                   
PTCH BLCK  - Character and tears turn black                      
DYSL EX1C  - Jumbled in-game text                                
B00B T00B  - CRT display                                         
BASE MENT  - All floors have the basement room tile set          
30M1 N1TS  - 30 minute limit                                     
CLST RPH0  - Asocial enemies                                     
AX1S ALGN  - Axis aligned controls                               
T0PH EAVY  - Big head mode                                       
PTCH BLCK  - Black body                                          
CAM0 F0ES  - Camouflage enemies                                  
WH0A WHAT  - Camouflage EVERYTHING!                              
CAM0 K1DD  - Camouflage player                                   
CAM0 DR0P  - Camouflage stuff                                    
B00B T00B  - Cathode rays!                                       
CHAM P10N  - Champion enemies                                    
C0CK FGHT  - Charmed enemies                                     
CHRS TMAS  - Christmas                                           
C0NF ETT1  - Confused enemies                                    
C0WR D1CE  - Cowardice                                           
THEG H0ST  - Damage on a timer                                   
ALM1 GHTY  - Dog Mode                                            
C0ME BACK  - Enemies respawn                                     
BL00 00DY  - Extra Gore                                          
HART BEAT  - Health tempo                                        
Lost L0ST  - Hopelessly                                          
BASE MENT  - Infinite Basements                                  
BL1N DEYE  - Invisible enemies                                   
1MN0 B0DY  - Invisible player                                    
K1DS M0DE  - Kids' co-op mode                                    
SL0W 4ME2  - Movement tempo                                      
FACE D0WN  - Mystery cards                                       
MED1 C1NE  - Mystery pills                                       
KEEP TRAK  - No HUD                                              
PAC1 F1SM  - Pacifism                                            
DARK NESS  - Permanent Darkness                                  
BRWN SNKE  - Poopy Trail                                         
DRAW KCAB  - Reversed controls                                   
FEAR M1NT  - Scaredy enemies                                     
PATH F1ND  - Stay out of the Maze                                
THEB LANK  - The Blank                                           
BLCK CNDL  - Total curse Immunity                                
KEEP AWAY  - Tricky pickups                                      
BRTL B0NS  - Twelve heart damage
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