Cheats for The 11'th Hour (PC)

Also known as: 11'th Hour
This cheat allows you to either watch the entire video of the game
(except the ending), or to access any part of the house (but the
puzzles are not solved for you).  During the starting screen
(the screen with the four skulls), type "Zaphod Beeblebrox",
followed by "Eleventh Hour" (or possibly the other way around ;).
If you don't hear a bell, try pressing F12 first, then retyping
the above.

Here is a list of treasure hunt items, including the order to
find them, and the location of each.
ORDER    ITEM                 LOCATION
~~~~~    ~~~~                 ~~~~~~~~
1        Tonic Water          Library
2        Cock                 Dutton's room
3        Satyr                Picture gallery
4        Globe                Library
5        Tablet               Lab
6        Redbreast (Robin)    Foyer
7        Desk                 Library
8        Torso                Picture gallery
9        Liquor               Dutton's room
10       Irish setter         Games room
11       Grandfather clock    Foyer
12       Straight razor       Bathroom
13       Orange               Dinning room
14       Nightmare            Knox's room
15       Great dane           Library
16       Televison            Dutton's room
17       Organ                Chapel
18       Ivory Tower(rook)    Attic
19       Torch                Chapel
20       Grater               Kitchen
21       Disc                 Lab
22       Toothpaste           Bathroom
23       Guillotine           Temple's room
24       Gardenia             2nd floor hall
25       Rose                 Burden's room
26       Earring              Heine's room
27       Harp                 Music room
28       Nutcracker           Hallway
29       Eyeball              Games room
30       Blade                Temple's room
31       Locomotive           Attic
32       Sheets               Burden's room
33       Cleaver              Kitchen
34       Lion                 Hallway
35       Port                 Knox's room
36       Rattle               Nursery
37       XI (on clock)        Foyer(on the clock)
38       Inkstand             Library

In the bar ask the guy with the knife
if you can try the game 50 times to
play the hidden game.
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