Cheats for Terminator: Skynet (PC)

In the U.S. version, press ALT and \ at the same time
to enter these codes. Some European versions require you
to press ALT and # instead.

Code           Result
GARBLE       - Garble cheat codes toggle
SUPERUZI     - Get the Super UZI
ICANTSEE     - Show viewscreen
WHOAMI       - Shows your name
COUNTERS     - Shows current co-ordinates
VERSION      - Shows version
HELLO        - Shows message: Hello?
ILLBEBACK    - Skip to next level (There is only one level so
it ends mission.)
ARNOLD       - Gives ALL the weapons!!!
NITROUS      - unlimited time
SLUGS        - more weapons
TARGET       - target lock
WILLNOTSTOP  - god mode
JOYCAM       - 3rd person view
SURGERY      - full armour and health

Anti-drown cheat:
If you keep drowning in the sewer on level 5, try this:
when you activate the switch and the water starts rising,
save your game. Reload the saved game, and the water is gone.

On some European versions pressing alt-* will allow you to
enter the cheat codes.
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