Cheats for Tekwar (PC)

Start the game with one of the following command lines. 
Note: The game can not be completed with the "No enemies" code enabled. 

tekwar.exe noguard   - No policemen    
tekwar.exe nochase   - No enemies      
tekwar.exe noenemies - No objects       
tekwar.exe nostroll  - No bystanders   
tekwar.exe nostalk   - No "Stalking"   
tekwar.exe nogore    - No blood        
tekwar.exe practice  - Level select    
tekwar.exe nobriefs  - Skip briefing   

Enter one of the following codes during game play.
[ALT]+[SHIFT]+[G] - Invulnerability
[ALT]+[SHIFT]+[W] - All weapons, lots of ammo, and all keycards
[ALT]+[SHIFT]+[J] - All matrix symbols
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