Cheats for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 Edition (PC)

Holiday Outfits: 
Change your system's date to either December 24th or 25th to see 
the turtles in Santa garb. Change it to October 31st to wear a 
pumpkin on your head. 

Unleash the Secret of Gembu:
Beat the third Dojo Stage with all four turtles to learn the 
Secret of Gembu maneuever. Use the move to damage everyone on 
the screen. You'll have three opportunities per level to use it. 

Unlock Challenge Mode:
To unlock Challenge Mode, defeat Story Mode with all four turtles. 

Unlock Characters For Vs. Mode: 
Fulfill the following criteria to unlock the corresponding 
characters for Vs. Mode: 

Casey Jones: Beat Stage 1 with Raphael 
Evil Turtlebot: Beat Stage 3 with any turtle 
Hun: Beat Stage 6 with Michaelangelo 
Splinter: Beat Dojo Stage 3 with Leonardo 
Shredder: Beat Shredder with any turtle 
Oroku Saki: Beat Saki with any turtle 
Yoshi Hamato: Beat Challenge Mode with any turtle 

Unlock Levels for Story Mode Stage Select: 
Complete a level to unlock it in Stage Select.
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