Cheats for Take No Prisoners (PC)

Konsol Commands:
~bigcheater     God Mode
~fly            Fly Mode
~noclip         No clipping mode (Walk-thru-walls)

Oh you can cheat madly. Just drop to the console sometime and
have a blast... just watch out for what variables you modify;
they might have unpredictable (and possibly undesirable) results,
and the console's not technically "under warranty" so to speak.
But it's there nonetheless. Use it at your own risk. Most of the
commands/variables aren't truly dangerous (they can just have wacky
results inside the game), but if it looks important it probably is.
If you type impulse followed by a number from the console,
different things can happen.For example, "impulse 76" automagically
uses your medkit. If you have enough patience or creativity, you
might be able to find something tasty that way....
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