Cheats for Tachyon: The Fringe (PC)

Bring up the command window by hitting [7] on the
numpad, then type:

Code                  Result
IM A CHEATER        - Cheat Codes Enabled
ONE MILLION DOLLARS - Add 5000 Credits
QUICKENING          - God Mode
COME GET SOME       - Full Ammo
DILITHIUM           - Full Energy
THERE IS NO SPOON   - Return to Starbase to Win
BOOM STICK          - All Items Available
RAGTAG              - All Ships Available
KESSEL RUN          - Enhance Ship
SAY AHH             - Open a Closed Gate (Target Closed Gate) 

Hex Cheat
Using a hex editor, look for offset ...018. The hex number is set
up in the standard savegame way, with two digits in pairs from lowest
to higest place (i.e., if you have 6000 credits, that's 1770 in
hexidecimal, and that would be laid out like this" 70 17 00" .. etc.).
Then, you can overwrite this offset and modify the amount of credits
you have. If you use FF FF, this translates into 65,535 credits.

Hex Ship Cheat
If you don't want to type in the cheat code for ships, but still want
to fly the ship of your choice in either campaign, use a hex editor and
look for the following offsets. Then, set that offset to "01".

550C: Pegasus Interceptor
5520: Battleaxe Fighter
5510: Orion Fighter
5524: Cutlass Bomber
5514: Archangel Fighter
5528: Mace Interceptor
5518: Phoenix Heavy Bomber
552C: Warhammer Fighter
551C: Poseidon Bomber
5530: Claymore Heavy Bomber
5534: Mako Economy Fighter
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