Cheats for Subnautica: Below Zero (PC)

Press [F3] and you'll see a checkbox ticked in the top left saying: "Disable                            
Console". Press F8 to get a mouse cursor and uncheck the box to activate the                            
console. Once the console is enabled, press "Enter" then type in the command.                           
Whenever you restart the game, you need to press one of the overlay keys first                          
(e.g. F3) before pressing the console key.                                                              

ALLBLUEPRINTS                - All blueprints unlocked             
MADLOOT                      - Free useful items                   
NODAMAGE                     - Invincibility                       
NOCOST                       - No crafting/building costs          
RADIATION                    - No Radiation                        
SUB CYCLOPS                  - Spawn Cyclops                       
SPAWN SEAMOTH 1              - Spawn Seamoth                       
WARPME                       - Teleport to safety                  
OXYGEN                       - Unlimited Oxygen                    
FASTBUILD                    - Faster building                     
ITEM (NAME OF ITEM) (AMOUNT) - Spawn item                          
SPEED                        - Can go faster or slower             
                               Set the speed of the day speed 
DAYNIGHTSPEED                - and the night speed                 
DAY                          - Set to day                          
NIGH                         - Set to night                        
Spawn item                   - (NAME OF ITEM) (AMOUNT)             
Spawn Seamoth                - SPAWN SEAMOTH 1                     
Teleport to biomes           - BIOME (Name)                        
Teleport to safety           - WARPME                              
Unlimited Oxygen             - OXYGEN                              
SPAWN EXOSUIT                - EXOSUIT
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