Cheats for StarCraft (PC)

Press [Enter] & write :
operation CWAL              - quick building
show me the money           - 10,000 money
The Gathering               - unlimited mana
Power Overwhelming          - God Mode
Game over man               - Lose Game
Noglues                     - turn off magic in opponent
Staying Alive               - Mission Never Ends
There is no cow level       - Win Mission
Whats mine is mine          - 500 Crystals
Breathe deep                - 500 Gaz
Something for nothing       - Upgrade
Black Sheep Wall            - All Map
Medieval man                - Free Upgrade to Unit
Modify the phase variance   - To Build All What You Want
War aint what it used to be - Turn of Fog Of War
Food for thought            - turn of game limits to build units
Ophelia                     - Level Change (For Example terran9 , protoss6)
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