Cheats for Star Wars: Force Commander (PC)

Access All Missions
In the select player screen, create a new player with 
the name "TheWorldIsYours". Double click on the name instead of 
clicking once and pressing the blue arrow. 

Faster Patient Walking
Click on "Release Patient" when an Imperial vehicle is being healed 
on the repair bay. It will walk away faster. 

Level select:
Note: the v1.1 patch is required for this code. Start a new 
game and enter TheWorldIsYours as a name in the New Player 
slot. Note: When choosing your new player you must double click 
on the name, and not click on the blue arrow. 

Spawn Units
To spawn units without having to wait for the drop ship, follow these steps:

Up or Down arrow scroll through units to spawn. 
LEFT arrow spawns that unit 
(magically drops unit with a drop ship or the wait). 
Shift UP or DOWN changes team of spawned unit. 

Other Cheat Codes 
(can be used AFTER the "TheGalaxyIsYours" cheat is activated):

[SHIFT] + M-500 Command Points and Order Any Unit 
[CTRL] + W-Win the Mission 
[CTRL] + 8-Show Active Units 
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + 8-Show All Units 
[CTRL] + 9-Remove Fog of War 
(Note: Some of these cheats only works for skirmishes and multiplayer.)

Unlimited Command Points
In the select player screen, create a new player with the 
name "TheGalaxyIsYours". Then during the game you just need 
to press "M" for 500 command points! You can press it as much 
as you need. The only downside to this cheat is that you can't 
apply it to players you have already created. 

Double unit:
If a unit carrier gets destroyed, remove the unit at the same
time it explodes. If done correctly, that unit will be doubled.

Pod Racer Appearance:
Complete the second objective in the third training mission
(destroy the buildings at the Jawa camp) and two pod racers
will start racing around.

Destroy Enemy Units:
When in "[CTRL] + 0" mode, click on an enemy unit and press
delete... the unit is destroyed just like your own units are
when you press delete
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