Cheats for SpeedRunners (PC)

Play as Goat from Goat Simulator:
When you are selecting your character type '/goat' (without the quotes) 
into the chat window to play as the goat from Goat Simulator.
Only one player can play as the goat.

Become a Gang Beast:
You can become a gang beast my typing /gangbeast in the superchat. 
You can choose up to 4 colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Become a potato???:
To be a potato type /sallad in chat.

Become Octodad:
To be Octodad type /octodad in chat.

Become the QWOP:
To be the guy from QWOP type /qwop in chat.

Payday characters:
To be Dallas type /dallas in chat To be Hoxton type /hoxton in chat To
be Wolf type /wolf in chat To be a Cloaker type /cloaker in chat.
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