Cheats for Space Rangers HD: A War Apart (PC)

Hold [Ctrl]+[Shift] on your keyboard as you enter the codes 
below to produce the corresponding effect. 
Note that meteors and asteroids may spawn erratically, 
which can lead the game to become unplayable.
AMMO      - Unlimited ammo & fuel, no need recharging in hyperspace for weapons
GOD       - Become invincible.
GUN       - Produces a copy of all weapons for your inventory.
VERTIX    - Spawns 5 vertixes (in your storage).
DEVICE    - Spawns a set of the best equipment.
ARTS      - Spawns a set of all artifacts.
MODULE    - Spawns all modules.
SKILL     - Maxes out all skills.
PROGRAM   - Produces 100 copies of all programs.
ILLNESS   - Makes the player sick.
STIMULANT - The player receives all stimulants, good for one year.
IDEAL     - Gives the player's ship the ideal hull type.
SHOWMAP   - Display the entire map.
MEDAL     - Awards all medals the player doesn't already have.
HORROR    - Turn on Terrible dominators.
NIGHTMARE - Turn on Nighmarish dominators.
HELL      - Turn on Hellish dominators.
TECHNIC   - Unbreakable equipment.
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