Cheats for Sid Meier's Pirates (PC)

When in dance mode just hit the pause/break key everytime
she does a hand single for you to move, then quickly unpause 
the game and hit the direction key she wants you to go. 
Now you can take aslong as you like and hit the right 
direction everytime no need for rushed key pressing now.

Easy dance sequences:
Press [Pause/Break] when your dance partner gives you a hand signal 
for you to move. Then, quickly resume the game and press the correct 
direction key.

Right Left Right Left Right Left
Right turn right Right turn right, repeat
Forward turn left Forward turn left, repeat
Back turn right Back turn right, repeat

Forward Back Left Left, Back Forward Right Right.
Forward Left, Back Right, Forward Left, Back Right.

Easy sea battles:
When battling other ships, get in front of them. Have 
them chase you, and when your guns are fully loaded, 
turn, fire, and straighten again. Repeat this until you 
wish to board or their sail falls and they surrender. 
It is best done when you use grape shot or chain shot.

Easy Specialists:
Attacking and boarding a smuggler's vessel usually yields 
a specialist (Carpenter, Sail maker, etc.)
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