Cheats for Shattered Steel (PC)

To use, hit enter first like you are going to send a message.
Then type the cheat and hit enter again.

SMITE         -  destroys targeted item.
CAPONE        - generates friendly planet runners.
RODRIGO       - generates friendly flyers
HENCHMAN      - generates Shiva planet runner - a really great dude
to have around!
GONZALES      - gives you serious speed.
RAGNAROK      - ejects you from runner.
FNORD         - 210mm....great weapon!
RATSNEST      - Md laser
DINGLEBERRY   - Hv laser
BCUA          - LIB pack
CGQ           - LB pack
GFY           - 18 pack (standard secondary stuff)
KWAHAMOT      - Rd missiles....these suckers are great!
FISHHEADS     - IR missiles.....sometimes lock onto friendlies
BUMSAUCE      - Hrpd laser
NAPALMINTHEMORNING - a napalm-like laydown of serious death.
EATMYSHORTS   - mortar
BIGONES       - 70mm
PYROTEK       - pretty much kills everything, be careful with it - easy to
kill friendlies too
DOGAN         - 120mm...even greater weapon!
TINKERBELL    - awesome killer
CHERNOBYL     - a nuke...this blows up everything, be sure to aim FAR away.
HARDCODE      - 30mm
STOOL         - mine
TELEPORT      - teleports you away from the fire zone, good in a pinch.
IMOUTTAHERE   - successfully ends mission
MONKEYSLUNCH  - puts some big kind of speaker/sound thing in the
middle of everything - or changes the looks of buildings,
kinda weird.
LOCKANDLOAD   - replentish weapons!
STORM         - locks my system up
CLEESE        - seems to change some visual effects on my system
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