Cheats for Sengoku (PC)

Press [`] to enter the console and then 
type any of the following cheat codes:

cash              - get 5000 gold
mapmode fort      - mapmode for showing fort levels
mapmode tax       - mapmode for showing tax levels
honor X           - gives the player X honor
money X           - gives the player X money.
arquebus X        - gives the player X arquebus
age X             - makes the players' current character X years older
own ProvinceId    - the player gets ownership of the province.
revolt ProvinceId - spawns rebels in the province, 
                     as if it failed a revolt risk check.
siege ProvinceId  - any siege in the province is won the next day.
kill CharacterId  - the character dies.
play CharacterId  - switch to play the character instead of current character

subjugate CharacterId - if you're a clan leader and the character 
                        is a clan leader, his clan becomes a vassal of your.

free                  - if your clan is a vassal of another clan, 
                        your clan becomes independent.
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