Cheats for Sea Dogs 1 (PC)

While at sea, press [Ctrl] + [Z] and type any of the following "Codes":
Then type the cheat you want to make working. 
Cheats works correct with default keyboard controls only and only at sea.  

HAVE LIFE         - completely repair you ship, 
                    supplement it with crew and 
                    restore all sails (only if you 
                    have enough sail-cloth).
GET ME MAGIC      - Increase the damage of your rounds 
                    100 times.
NOW I FLYING      - Release camera from your ship (pressing 
                    [Ctrl] + [F] during camera being outboard in 
FIRE FROM CAMERA  - This cheat allows you to fire from camera 
                    by pressing NumPad "0". (Numlock must be on)
TELEPORT          - allows the teleportation of your ship onto 
                    camera position by pressing CTRL +L.
MAKE SCREEN SHOTS - Rounds doesn't do any damage.
EXPU MNE          - A huge amount of experience.
DENEG DAY         - Gives you a lot of money

Game editor:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; 
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. 
Use a text editor to edit the "engine.ini" file in the 
game folder. Change the first entry from "CORE_MODULE core" 
to "CORE_MODULE tools_launcher". 

While at sea PAUSE THE GAME and then be sure that caps lock is on. 
press [CTRL]+[Z] and enter the cheats with spaces... 
with "GET ME MAGIC" you can destroy everything!:-)
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