Cheats for Взлом системы 2 (PC)

Also known as: System Shock 2
Cheat mode:
Hold [Shift] and press [Semicolon] to display the
command prompt. Type one of the following codes and
press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat

Code                 Result
psi_full           - Give the player full psi points
ubermensch         - Turns the player into homo superior
add_pool           - Give player additional build pool points
show_version       - Display version in game mode
toggle_inv         - Toggle inv panel
cycle_ammo         - Cycle through available ammo types
toggle_compass     - Toggle compass state
query              - Query cursor 1 = on 0 = off
split              - Split cursor 1 = on 0 = off
shock_jump_player  - Jump the player
look_cursor        - Puts cursor into look mode
reload_gun         - Reloads weapon out of inventory
swap_guns          - Switches primary and secondary weapons
wpn_setting_toggle - Toggles between weapon settings
select_psipower    - Brings up the psi power selection MFD
equip_weapon       - Searches your inv for a particular weapon and equips it
cycle_weapon       - Cycles through next equippable weapon, 1 for fwd, -1
for back
psi_power          - Acts like the 1-5 level buttons
open_mfd           - Open up an MFD by overlay constant
stop_email         - Stop any currently playing email/log
clear_teleport     - Clear any existing teleport marker
quickbind          - Bind a quick slot
quickuse           - Activate a quick slot
use_obj            - Use an object by name
msg_history        - Toggle message history
play_unread_log    - Play an unread log
toggle_mouse       - Switch between mouselook & cursor modes
frob_toggle        - Switch between modes, also frobbing current selection
frob_object        - Simple frob of selected object
frob_object_inv    - Simple frob of selected object, in world or in inv
interface_use      - Inv use an item
fire_weapon        - Fire weapon 1 = start 0 = finish
drag_and_drop      - Drag & drop 1 = start 0 = finish
drag_and_drop_frob - Drag & drop 1 = start 0 = finish
drag_and_drop_mode - Drag & drop 1 = start 0 = finish
quicksave          - Save to 'current' subdir
quickload          - Load from 'current' subdir

In the game hit SHIFT and ; (SEMICOLON) together, then type:

summon_obj [item]

medical kit
psi amp
assault rifle
laser pistol
EMP Rifle
Electro Shock
Gren Launcher
Stasis Field Generator
Fusion Cannon
Crystal Shard
Viral Prolif
Worm Launcher

View previous commands:
Hold [Shift] and press [Semicolon] to display the command
prompt, then press [Tab]. The last command entered will
appear in the list.

Hex Cheat:
Editing your savegame to give yourself 10,000 nanites and
cyber modules:

1. On a piece of paper, note the number of nanites and cyber
modules you currently have.
2. Save the game to a savegame slot.
3. From Windows, open the savegame folder you saved your game in.
4. In a HEX editing program, open the latest .MIS file that was
saved to disk. Look at the timestamp if you are not sure.
(Ignore campaign.mis)
5. Find the P$StackCoun string in your .MIS file. This is the
beginning of a 120 byte data record.
6. How many nanites do you have? Convert this number into hexadecimal.
Example: 128 nanites = 0x80. 603 nanites = 0x5B02 (lsb first).
7. Locate this hex value in the P$StackCoun record.
8. Change this value to 0x1027.
9. How many cybermodules do you have? Convert this number into
10. Locate this hex number in the P$StackCoun record. Look for it
approximately 12 bytes before the nanite counter.
11. Change this value to 0x1027.
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