Cheats for Властители Средневековья (PC)

Also known as: Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand
During the game press [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[C], it may need to be 
pressed a few times, then a console will come upmakes:
setgold X                       - Your gold into whatever u set X to   
addfood_500                     - Self explanitory                     
freetechno                      - Adds all techs, unlocks all buildings
addmoney_100000                 - Adds 100000 Money                    
addmoneytechnofood              - Add Money, Tech and Food             
addmoregold #                   - Add # of Gold                        
addtroopstomouse                - Add Army of Swordsmen                
addtroopstomouse_cavalry        - Add Army of Cavalry                  
addtroopstomouse_enemy          - Add Army of Archers                  
addtroopstomouse_enemytoground  - Add Camp to Army                     
cheat_construction              - Build All Buildings Without Buildtime
destroy_speedtree_objects       - Remove All Trees                     
freeprice                       - Everything is Free                   
general_energy                  - Heal General
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