Cheats for Виктория: Империя под Солнцем (PC)

Also known as: Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun
When playing game press [F12] then type any of these cheats 
below and press enter again:
TRANSPORTS  - Get Transports
PRESTIGE    - Get Prestige
MONEY       - Get loads of Money
LEADERSHIP  - Get Leaders
MANPOWER    - Get Men
DIFRULES    - Play like a God
NOWAR       - No War
NOREVOLTS   - Defeat all
NOLIMIT     - No Troops Limits
NOFOG       - No Fog
HANDSOFF    - Hands off all
SHOWID      - Get Province IDs
FULLCONTROL - Total Control
EVENT 100   - Land unit moral upgrades
EVENT 101   - Land unit organization upgrades
EVENT 102   - Infantry +1 defence, +2 to max fortifications 

Get 100 resources:
To get 100 of any resources just type the name of it, full list of them: 

cotton, dye, tobacco, tea, coffee, opium, wool, silk, cattle, fish, fruit, 
grain, coal, sulphur, iron, precious_metal, timber, tropical_wood, rubber, 
oil, steel, cement, glass, fuel, ammunition, small_arms, artillery, barrels, 
fertilizer, explosives, clipper_convoy, steamer_convoy, machine_parts, 
automobiles, aeroplanes, electric_gear, telephones, wine, liquor, canned_food,
fabric, regular_clothes, luxury_clothes, lumber, paper, furniture, 
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