Cheats for В Тылу Врага 2 (PC)

Also known as: Faces Of War
Invincible Units:
This procedure involves editing game files therefore create a 
backup copy of the files before proceeding.

Locate the "game.pak" in "resource" game folder in the game directory 
(Path : C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Faces of war\Resource ) and use Winrar 
to open game.pak. Extract the "tactis.dl" "normal.dl" "hard.dl" "easy.dl" 
files in the " difficulty " folder within "set" folder to the Desktop .

Use a text editor to edit the extracted files .
Change values of "ally" in every file as follows :


health_increase 40

health 40

Save the files and add them back to the " game.pak " 
file using Winrar : add the "set" folder containing "difficulty" 
folder and the 4 files by add to archive 
(archive format: zip ) .

When you start the game your units will be invincible .
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