Cheats for Мир Сражений - Зима Волка (PC)

Also known as: Battle Realms
Destroy buildings:
Highlight an enemy building, then press [Ctrl] + [D].

The force of the lotus' brothers:
first make sure you have the three brothers in your army. 
next get the brothers and try to attack it in nearby 
water... you will see them turn and make spins that will 
trigger yang acquisition. now use your ying/yang to upgrade 
your units defense and offense or make heroes to blast your 
enemies to smithereens.

For Unlimited Brothers:
First Build Towers And Place Your Desired Brother Type 
On The Tower (I Would Prefer The Three Of Them) Then 
Destroy Your "Crypt Of Brothers Building".This Way The 
Brothers Will "Only Die!!!" If Thr C.O.B. Will BE 
Destroyed.And Now You Have Up To 9 Brothers!!! Wow!!! 
More Upgrades To Make!!!

While you are playing at Serpent: 
train a Ronin and let he learn Yin Blade. Now let 
him fight a tree and actived his battle gear. And 
you will have a HUGE Yin (A tree for 5 Yin first time).

While you are playing at Lotus: 
build a Crypt of Brothers and build all brothers. 
Now you let fight a tree. And your Yin will grow up 
very quickly.
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