Cheats for Казаки 3: Восхождение к Славе (PC)

Also known as: Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory
Press [Ctrl]+[Enter] - to open Chat/console dialog. 
Type "cheat" and press [Enter] again.
After that write one of the following cheat codes:

res [resource][amount]  - add indicated number of indicated resourse
                          resource names: food/wood/stone/gold/iron/coal/all 
                          usage: res food 100000 
                                 res all 20000000 (will set all resource)

showallmissions         - Makes all missions available.

freecamera              - Remove limit on camera height. 
                          you can change camera angle by 
                          holding [Ctrl]+[middlebutton (scroller)] & moving mouse 
                          [Ctrl]+[PageUp] / [Ctrl]+[PageDown] to change 
                          camera angle of view. Home key will return camera 
                          angle of view to default.
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