Cheats for Европа 2 (PC)

Also known as: Europa Universalis 2
Press [F12] during game play, then enter one of the
following codes.

Result                                 Code
Toggle fog of war                    - pappenheim
Explore all provinces                - columbus
Increase land technology level       - gustavus
Increase naval technology level      - drake
Increase infrastructure level        - cromwell
Increase trade level                 - polo
Set stability to +3                  - oranje
Additional 50,000 Ducats to treasury - montezuma
Additional 10 Colonists              - pocahontas
Additional 10 Merchants              - dagama
Additional 10 Diplomats              - vatican
Additional 10,000 population
to capital province                  - swift
More cannon fodders                  - russianhordes
God mode                             - difrules

You can edit the xxx.eug file (xxx denotes filename) found in the 
saves directory using the wordpad application. 
Scroll thru the lines until you come up to your nation/side. 
Pay attention to { and } symbols when doing this edit. 


treasury: edit money (limit is approx 2 billion) 

city: edit city name, population (max = 999999.000), infrastructure. 
City must at least have level 1 wall. 
Fully developed city has following lines: 

city = "name"
population = 999999.000
location = xxx (xxx = number)
courthouse = yes
bailiff = yes
cityrights = yes
fortress = {...level = 6} 

land unit: edit name and number of infantry/cavalry/artillery each land 
           unit has. Watch out for artillery, not too many.  
           The following combination 30000/5000/150 (weight=50) is best. 

nav unit: same as land unit except this one is for naval 

technology: edit all tech level. Set 51 for military techs and 10 for rest. 

diplomats, colonists, merchants, missionary: edit number of these guys (max=6) 

You can also do this dirty trick:
Set up a level 1 trading post at a neighboring state and save the game 
once the attempt is successful. Edit level 1 to level 6 in the following 
line: trading post = { "name" level = 1 location = xxx}. A level 6 trading 
post won't give you any rebellion problems once transformed into a colony. 

Changing this line to: city = ("name" population = 999999.000 location = xxx} 
will automatically transform the trading post to a fully populated colony. 
Warning: could inspire revolt if religion is different from yours and 
you do not tolerate that religion at all.
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