Cheats for Джек Кейн (PC)

Also known as: Jack Keane
Extra bonuses:
Complete the indicated task in each chapter to unlock a figurine 
for the Wax Work:
Chapter  2: Take all three tea cans and stack them on the other cans. 
Chapter  3: Find all five starfish and pick up Jack's duffel bag and 
            enter room 7 in the hotel. 
Chapter  4: Free Pandu of all three accusations. 
Chapter  6: Repair the boat with hammer and paintbrush and slash 
            all seven pumpkins. 
Chapter  8: Get all three cups and place them on pedestals/ 
Chapter  9: Find Major Bug and give it to the British guards. 
Chapter 12: Assemble the signpost. 

Historic mode:
Unlock any five of the extra bonuses. Historic mode changes the 
graphics to sepia tone colors.
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