Cheats for День Победы 2 (PC)

Also known as: Hearts of Iron 2
Hit [F12] and enter cheat:
dissent     - Gives plenty of dissent 
supplies    - Gives plenty of supplies 
transports  - Gives plenty of transports 
escorts     - Gives plenty of escorts 
robespierre - You can now do any reform you like 
nuke        - Gives a nuclear bomb 
energy      - Gives plenty of energy 
metal       - Gives plenty of Metal 
rubber      - Gives plenty of rubber 
money       - Gives plenty of money 
oil         - Gives plenty of oil 

The cheats below has two functions. Type it in once and you will get
the cheat, type it in again and you have it turned off. 
manpower    - God mode on/off 
difrules    - CPU skill on/off 
nowar       - War on/off 
norevolts   - Rebels on/off 
nolimit     - Troop limits on/off 
nofog       - Fog on/off 
handsoff    - Hands on/off 
showxy      - Coordinates on/off 
showid      - Province ID's on/off 
fullcontrol - AI on/off
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