Cheats for Бильярдный Клуб (PC)

Also known as: Cue Club
Type these cheats in the room.

Cheat          Effect
ccc>gravity  - makes like balls repel each other,
and unlike balls attract each other
ccc>marbles  - gives balls a glassy appearance
ccc>sfx      - crazy sound effects
ccc>gold     - unlocks the whole game
ccc>reset    - locks the game back up again

The ccc>sfx cheat is not really a cheat:
It can be done manually. First, go to the cueclub
directory and make a backup of the audio directory.
Go to the audio\wacky directory. Coopy all the files
and paste them in the audio directory thus replacing
all the files. Then open cue club and wacky sounds
will appear. To undo, just replace the audio directory
with the earlier backup.

unlock all options:
Go into any open virtual chat room, and type
this ccc>gold in the chat bar. Press [Enter]
to unlock all options in the game. You will
have gold member access to every room and a 5
star rating.
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