Cheats for Безумие (PC)

Also known as: Insane
Type these cheats at the Main Menu: 
INEEDMOREMAPS - unlock all locations
GOKARTZ       - Little wheels 
BIGHEADZ      - Big driver heads 
BOXERZ        - Big driver hands and feet 
BIGFOOTZ      - Big wheels 
FONEKART      - Secret Level 
SPEEDRACER    - Fast Race 
TERRAFORMER   - unlock^s terrain generator.

Insane ingame keycommands: 
[Ctrl]+[H] - Clouds on/off 
[Ctrl]+[F] - Fog on/off 
[Ctrl]+[N] - Mirrors on the outside on/off 
[Ctrl]+[M] - Mirror on/off 
[Ctrl]+[I] - Interface on/off 
[Ctrl]+[J] - (+) Viewdistance 
[Ctrl]+[K] - (-) Viewdistance 
[Ctrl]+[Z] - FPS/ping 
[Ctrl]+[C] - Coords 
[Ctrl]+[T] - diffenrent views of the map 

Startcommands for Insane 
(to be placed with a space behind Insane.exe) 

nomovie      - No movies 
nofullscreen - runs Insane windowed 
nomouse      - No mouse ingame, makes usage of the 
               mouse possible if Insane runs windowed 
nomutox      - enables [Alt]+[Tab]

Unlock all Cars:
To unlock all cars including the red writer u have to 
start a new game and pause it in the middle of the game. 
Then press and hold shift-and then type in sanecars.

Startcommand for Insane (to be placed with a space behind Insane.exe)
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