Cheats for Амнезия. Призрак Прошлого (PC)

Also known as: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
There is a rar file named "Super_Secret" in the "redist" folder 
of amnesia that has a password. In order to view the files inside 
you need a combination of the 3 endings. Each ending gives you a 
different part of the password, and when put together you can view 
the files inside. Below are the pieces you receive from
each ending, and the completed password.

Revenge ending: lke271
Bad ending    : tyr299
Good ending    :odn314

Combining them gives you the password of: lke271tyr299odn314

Unlimited Health, Oil, and Sanity:
To activate these codes, you need to find your save files in a folder something
like (.../My Documents/Amnesia/Main/) and then click on your profile name.
Open the save file you wish to alter with notepad, and press [Ctrl]+[F].

Then, search one of the things (Health, Oil, Sanity) 
and look for the command streams below.
Once the command stream is found, edit the number at the end

(ex. edit [ var type="3" name="mfLampOil" val="0.000000" /]
to        [ var type="3" name="mfLampOil" val="9999.000000" /]

then just load up that specific save file and the amount 
you entered should be granted to you.

CODE                                                    EFFECT
[ var type="3" name="mfHealth" val="9999.000000" /]   - Unlimited Health
[ var type="3" name="mfLampOil" val="9999.000000" /]  - Unlimited Oil   
[ var type="3" name="mfSanity" val="9999.000000" /]   - Unlimited Sanity
[ var type="3" name="mlTinderboxes" val="9999.000000" /]   - Unlimited Tinderboxes
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