Cheats for Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 1 (PC)

Map Codes
Type these codes in at the map screen (just like Deer Hunter):
BGSHOW- shows game on screen
BGTRACK- move faster on screen(stealth)
BGURINE- attracts game to you
BGVAMPIRE- shows blood trails
Menu Codes
Type these codes in at the main menu:
BGNOAH- pumps up the number of animals
BGSTEROIDS- only trophy sized game
BGHORNS- only sheep
BGELABONG- only elk
BGBULLWINKLE- only moose
BGYOGI- only bear
Hunting Codes
Type these codes in where you raise your weapon:
BGBARBECUE- the imfamous rocket launcher
BGWEATHER- toggles the weather effects
BGPREDATOR- gives you infared-like vision
BGSNIPER- stops the gun from moving
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