Cheats for Rocks and Diamonds (PC)

Unlimited Levels:
By Rocks and Diamonds you can create more than 100 Levels.

-=Follow only the steps=-
1.Open your "Documents"
2.Open "Rocks'n'Diamonds"
3.Open "levels"
4.Open "*your levelset name*"
5.Open "levelinfo.conf" manually with "notebook"
6.Look for:


  and change it to:

  ***=so many levels, how you want.

  BE WARNED: You can't do more than 9999 levels.

7.Save it until you close it.
8.Start now your levelset and you will have so many levels, 
  where you have change.

BE WARNED: Don't change it to: -1firstlevel(minus 1firstlevel) 
or more in minus. The levels will then be the same from minus 1 
to minus whatever.
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