Cheats for Rival Realms (PC)

Simply hit [Enter] and type in the cheat code,
then hit [Enter] again.

see all               -  Reveals entire map
hide all              -  Shows only explored map
give me gold          -  Adds 1000 gold
give me wood          -  Adds 500 wood
give me food          -  Adds 100 food
make me invincible    -  All your units are invincible
make me vulnerable    -  Your units will be no more invincible
level <n>             -  Ends current mission and jump to mission #<n>
star me up            -  Raises experience levels for selected units
upgrade me            -  Makes all upgrades for selected units
heal me               -  Restores all hit points for selected units
make me victorious    -  Ends current mission victorious
name: <str>           -  Changes the name of the selected unit to <str>
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