Cheats for Rainbox six (PC)

To enter these codes, press ["] while playing then type the desired code.

avatargod : The character you control is invulnerable
teamgod : God mode for entire team
bignoggin : Big heads
meganoggin : Huge heads
explore : Disable victory conditions
turnpunchkick : Flat players
5fingerdiscount : Ammo refill
clodhopper : Big hands and feet
nobrainer : Disable AI
debugkeys : Debug mode
1-900 : Heavy breathing
stumpy : Deforms characters
silentbutdeadly : You'll see
fastactionresponseteam : ?

Debug Mode
While playing, type ["] then type 'debugkeys'.
To activate it hit [Enter], press [F10], then press any of the following keys:

[F12] : Level skip
[F7] or [F8] : Suicide
[F6] : Change view
[Comma], [Period], or [/] : Adjust elevation
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