Cheats for Quake 3: Arena (PC)

In order to use cheats, the SERVER must create a game
with Cheats Enabled (using devmap - Ex. "devmap q3test1").

While playing a game with Cheats Enabled, bring up the
console and type the following commands:

Code                       Result
god                      - God Mode
give all                 - Get All Weapons & Grappling Hook
give health              - Get Health
give armor               - Get Armor
give quad damage         - Get Quad Damage
give personal teleporter - Get Personal Teleporter
give gauntlet            - Get Gauntlet
give machinegun          - Get Machinegun
give shotgun             - Get Shotgun
give granade launcher    - Get Granade Launcher
give rocket launcher     - Get Rocket Launcher
give lightning gun       - Get Lightning Gun
give railgun             - Get Railgun
give plasma gun          - Get Plasma Gun
give bfg10k              - Get BFG10K
give grappling hook      - Get Grappling Hook
give ammo                - Get Ammo

Load Demo-Maps:
map q3test1  - Demolevel 1
map q3test2  - Demolevel 2

Sarge Character
Use a command line/prompt for this one
Change into your Quake 3 Directory
type "cd demoq3"
then "edit q3config.cfg"
a MS-DOS like edit box should come up.
search for a line that says somthing similar to "seta model"....
Change this so the name before the "/" is "sarge" and when
quake is run, the character you will be playing with is the
sarge player.

Cheat mode:
Load Q3DemoTest, open the console, and
type /spdevmap <map name>

Use the one of the following values for <map name>:

The game will load in single-player mode with the current
settings of the bot variables, and cheat mode enabled.
Enter one of the following console commands to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                    Code
Toggle God mode          /god
Toggles no clipping mode /noclip
All weapons and ammo1    /give all
Spawn indicated item     /give <item name>

1. The Grenade Launcher and the BFG10K weapons that
are unlocked by this codes function, but the graphics
are incomplete. It will appear that your character is
not holding any weapon when they are selected.

Item names:
Use one of the following item names with the /give code.
Information in this section was contributed by Apathystouch.

all             bfg10k             grenade launcher
ammo            flight             haste
armor           gauntlet           health
battle suit     grappling hook     invisibility

lightning gun            plasma gun        rocket launcher
machinegun               quad damage       shotgun
medkit                   railgun
personal teleporter      regeneration

All FMV sequences:
Start the game with the
quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos
command line.

In the Folder "Quake III Arena \ baseq3 " you will find the
file " q3config.cfg " with an text editor other than windows
notepad edit and change all the frag limits and Time limits to
zero. This will set all these limits to " no limit " use your
favorite cheat codes and enjoy...!

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